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Poetic Vandalism

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haiku this? [Sep. 22nd, 2014|07:32 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

our dog is dead now
her name was whatever who cares
now it's grassy dog

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i wanna,this is a poem called I Wanna [Jan. 22nd, 2014|01:24 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

[Current Location |Lost Vegas]
[mood |Moody, Lewdy, and Dude-y]
[music |Aerosmith ]

I wanna rock n roll
I wanna smoke a bowl!
I wanna sell my soul,
wait, Satan, I don't wanna!

I wanna dig a hole
I wanna rockin role
I wanna stripper pole?
Wait, God, I don't wanna!

I want a pony foal!
I want a pet friend mole!
I wanna live on Dole!
Anyone? No I don't wanna!

I wanna score a goal!
and have a furry vole!
I wanna go Cajole?
Yeah That's what I Wanna!
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2014|06:28 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

i love you tv, i can yell at you, talk to you, but not with you, sometimes i think my home is hotwired with espionage gear and perhaps certain people in cults CAN hear me and other people

but that would only explain the weird facial twitches the tv people have

in the end we don't really know, we wonder, but not too hard, for that end may just open up a can
of open ass and blow a nasty ass fart at us, that end, the giant rear end of the ass of god, of the ass of the ass of god,

jesus, on his heavenly giant donkey, threatening us all with donkey farts, don't count sheep
coun't giant farting angry angel donkeys

anno domini? year of our lord? or Angel Donkey number two thousand fourteen

how many angel donkeys, jesus? before there's enough! never mind, they can fly

and they're never on tv


tv, i love you

but you make me sad
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skippy the nicotine addicted mule -copyright sometime 1993,4, or 5- me [Jan. 15th, 2014|03:09 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

he beats his wife and smokes cigars
he cross dresses and goes to bars
OH skippy! the nicotine addicted Mule!

He hates his neighbors and kills them dead
he finds politicians and fills them with lead!

Oh Skippy!, The nicotine addicted mule!
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i don't wanna rap i just wanna write rhymes, i don't wanna sing, just commit financial crimes! [Jan. 15th, 2014|02:21 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

i'm mc shoe munchy, and i want you to get crunchy, and rap my rhymes, slap my slimes, until you all buy a bucket and puke up your chymes!

now get your best friends dead pet's corvette, they're sittin in it, in it to win it, they're rottin grinnin, like they're villain sinnin,

dip that critter into the bile! make sure you strain it good, do not defile,

now get your corrupt cop friends to take some musicians hostage,
they'll use guns and drugs like sticks and carrots, to turn out them hippies
last itch,

yeah, be corrupt, be be corrupt

you love it, you can't live without it

c is for the sea of money,
o is for you owe me some
r is for the pirate way
r is what you'll learn to say
u is who were gonna get
p is what youre gonna do
t is not what's in your drink!

corrupt! be be corrupt

you love it, sing it like you're a hostage of the greatest country in the world

stockholm ain't got nothin on the mall! upstairs level of your local grocery store

all tied up in an office dungeon, total media blackout, your hopes are bludgeoned!

untill you learn to sing that song, be corrupt day and night long!
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(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2014|01:06 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

endless telepathic voices in my mind,
shut up, then again, remind me how important it is

the chemicals flow, time vanishes, the only thing that is


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my bad love [Jan. 3rd, 2014|03:39 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

my bad love is like a chance you didn't schedule right,
goddamn fiends scheming in the shadows blight,

rip us off and start putting on a show, don't nobody know
there's no way to watch you tho

what are you bout, what's your problem what's your grief?
you actin injun, but you know that you ain't chief

if you did you'd know that your steamin beef,
i'm tryin to get busy , the apartment smells like queef

you wanna vomit? a comet rocket go atomic? call up satan
get you another sin and tonic

my love is wild, fuck, it just got shot, now it's framed up in a game up load disk
cop drop the slot,

with afternoon mid dimension mild pretension? what's got you by the guts causin hesitation?

our love is bad, we thrive on rotten scenery, the punks get mad, drop em off at the creamery

long time a go i'd salivate to knock you knee to knee

now i'm withheld, up in the midnite destiny

then what you got, another head fulla random shock?

better than nothin, sit at home and pick a lock

i'll prolly fail, do my duty try to bail,

but i'm sinkin quick, the candle's half dead there's no wick

there is no love, no reason to get up in arms, just get high space out on the zombie side

i hear you bitchin, perscribe your ego suicide

forget your fess, just remember i never lied

not too much, at least i know i fucken tried
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(no subject) [Jan. 2nd, 2014|04:42 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

i boughted a tome of limericks,
it is chock full of shchlock and gimmicks
i didn't know the publishers were that sick
to go on and play out such a dirty trick
then again if you want money, you gotta be slick

i wanted to return it late, while my stomach churned with hate,
i didn't have the guts, to bother employee butts,
with problems trite and sore,
i'd get official lore

we're sorry about the trouble, though the receipt wasn't lost in rubble,
the print is clear as day, and the workers here are all gay,
thus with a smile we must instruct anyone,
to go home and make their own fun!

some of it was in latin ancient, i thought myself i'm quite patient?
socubis anumbis anulus horiblus fickarum dickarum cuntus hoc gruntus?
labiola crayola scribblamus dupamus, scrotamus jizzmentos cumdumpsterus exelcius

it doesn't rhyme and i'm not certain my latin definition guide even has filth!
now what the heck ends in somethingilth?
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like a modern day phineas gage with no skull puncturing injury, i nevertheless [Dec. 30th, 2013|04:07 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

shiny, new and shiny stars in the sky, they're new because?
they're in the package, the original container, at the sky store
if i bought the stars? then they would lose business
just how i and my bad mojo put hostess out of business
please don't come to our store, mister scumbag!
no, no, no, you don't understand, over the hill lady with no wedding ring

my tongue has these seizures and conniptions, would you perform the cuntus maneuver and press your clit firmly against it?
ah that's better,

i oh, no that never happened, the stars, they prevent these uncouth moments


extra couth

couth light

couth genuine drafty in here,

with all these buy some stars starter kit broschures

bro? shure you wanna look at stars?

i'm rather sure if i put them out of business with my bad luck, i won't be keen to
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slathered in blather [Dec. 9th, 2013|05:12 pm]
Poetic Vandalism

the television arises, a frankenstein's monster from
a lesser famous franchise competitor!

blather, slather, get drunk, get a cooking show, continue to drink!
slather me in democrats! i want to be whipped and taxed! lord don't allow me to smoke anywhere!
prayer in gospel keys and the band is late! the symphony is late!
the stooges
the hacks
the temps
are all late, the printer's jammed! the computer got hit by lightning! Murphy is geeked!

A franchisetin's monster! the television roars! get a drunken cooking show!
join the democrats, fail at arguing! get connected with a consolation prize!
your own drunken cooking show! no-one's watching, maybe they are, are you nice?

notice the drunk cooks,
the nice ones have audiences,
the mean ones?

a balcony and a camera

they are all drunk, some of the mean one's maybe aren't, the television

like a weathered prostitute, takes and gives,
and takes, and it gives,

the prostitute vision telemetry location communication appropriator!

slathered in blather! there were channels few!
although plenty now, who then knew?

blathered in slather! There were program cooks,
although few were drunk! now they're almost all drunk
and the sober ones have no fans

slathered in blather, remote control, do the right thing
we're counting, on you, alone now
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