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Poetic Vandalism

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slathered in blather [Dec. 9th, 2013|05:12 pm]
Poetic Vandalism


the television arises, a frankenstein's monster from
a lesser famous franchise competitor!

blather, slather, get drunk, get a cooking show, continue to drink!
slather me in democrats! i want to be whipped and taxed! lord don't allow me to smoke anywhere!
prayer in gospel keys and the band is late! the symphony is late!
the stooges
the hacks
the temps
are all late, the printer's jammed! the computer got hit by lightning! Murphy is geeked!

A franchisetin's monster! the television roars! get a drunken cooking show!
join the democrats, fail at arguing! get connected with a consolation prize!
your own drunken cooking show! no-one's watching, maybe they are, are you nice?

notice the drunk cooks,
the nice ones have audiences,
the mean ones?

a balcony and a camera

they are all drunk, some of the mean one's maybe aren't, the television

like a weathered prostitute, takes and gives,
and takes, and it gives,

the prostitute vision telemetry location communication appropriator!

slathered in blather! there were channels few!
although plenty now, who then knew?

blathered in slather! There were program cooks,
although few were drunk! now they're almost all drunk
and the sober ones have no fans

slathered in blather, remote control, do the right thing
we're counting, on you, alone now