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Poetic Vandalism

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my bad love [Jan. 3rd, 2014|03:39 pm]
Poetic Vandalism


my bad love is like a chance you didn't schedule right,
goddamn fiends scheming in the shadows blight,

rip us off and start putting on a show, don't nobody know
there's no way to watch you tho

what are you bout, what's your problem what's your grief?
you actin injun, but you know that you ain't chief

if you did you'd know that your steamin beef,
i'm tryin to get busy , the apartment smells like queef

you wanna vomit? a comet rocket go atomic? call up satan
get you another sin and tonic

my love is wild, fuck, it just got shot, now it's framed up in a game up load disk
cop drop the slot,

with afternoon mid dimension mild pretension? what's got you by the guts causin hesitation?

our love is bad, we thrive on rotten scenery, the punks get mad, drop em off at the creamery

long time a go i'd salivate to knock you knee to knee

now i'm withheld, up in the midnite destiny

then what you got, another head fulla random shock?

better than nothin, sit at home and pick a lock

i'll prolly fail, do my duty try to bail,

but i'm sinkin quick, the candle's half dead there's no wick

there is no love, no reason to get up in arms, just get high space out on the zombie side

i hear you bitchin, perscribe your ego suicide

forget your fess, just remember i never lied

not too much, at least i know i fucken tried