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Pour me your heart

and I'll tear it apart

Poetic Vandalism
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Think you can write?
Think you can take honesty?

Post your poems and see.

Everyone is welcome, for now.


1. Don't tell someone who writes worse than your dog in the middle of an epileptic seizure, they write well.

2. You must use at least one obscenity while commenting on someones poem.

3. If you post a poem---deal with the review. If you feel there is fault in the review then by all means speak your peace... but don't come bitching to me because some asshat was a big ole' meanie in your journal... it happens to the best and the worst.
...so you can't write? There's always accounting.

4. Don't make me babysit.

You must use an lj cut tag if:

1. You post multiple poems.
2. You post a long poem (just be logical with that one)
3. Please, Please, Please don't use big fonts. You can change the color,the justification, play with fonts, I don't give a flying fuck. The big text does not mean you'll be liked more, you just take up un-necessary space in peoples friends pages.
HOWEVER, If you insist that a bigger font makes your poem better... make sure you:

That's right... use an lj Cut tag!
You're getting the hang of this.

If you fail to be considerate... expect a comment, followed by a deletion of your post.